Why Show-N-Tell.Us?

SNT MTJPSkills ThumbHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you:

– Share an Idea

– Present a concept

– Market a product

– Educate an audience

Basically, have you ever spoken to anyone?! If so, you may have found yourself at times unsure of what to say, uncomfortable being up on stage, relying on your PowerPoint slides to get you through a presentation. In fact, you may have even put your audience to sleep…and you’re NOT a hypnotist!

Show-N-Tell.Us was founded to stop When BAD Delivery Happens to GOOD Content. Our goal is to bring your message to life! Whether it’s a boardroom presentation, a TED talk, online video marketing content, or an e-learning course, the same principle applies: a simple, sincere delivery will empower you to connect with and affect your audience.



You were born with everything you need to achieve this powerful connection, and we help you find that. As children, we always looked forward to Show and Tell day at school. It was a time to share our favorite things with our peers, and maybe even learn about something new. Show and Tell is a perfect example of authentic curiosity and sharing of knowledge.

As an adult, the content and the situation has shifted. Instead of stuffed animals or pet fish, we now focus on more important things like Market Analytics, Global Warming, Passive Income, or Biomedical Engineering. We are no longer presenting to our classmates, sitting cross-legged on the carpet. We now present to a boardroom of executives, a live audience of thousands, or, to millions of viewers around the world, through the power of YouTube and online video.

What has remained constant, however, is that the most influential and powerful presenters share their message from the heart. Their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. The audience connects with their stories and is incited to take action.

We have supported ambitious individuals who want to change the world with a TED talk as well as Fortune 500 companies who want their new technology to connect with the heart of their customers.

Our mission remains the same: We help you rediscover how to bring your message to life and authentically connect with your audience.

So, now that you know a little bit about us, what do YOU want to share for Show-N-Tell?



Company Information:

Company Name: Show-N-Tell.Us, LLC

Address: Office Iwata 1, 2F, Jingumae 4-1-24, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001

CEO/CVO: Soness Stevens

CEO/CCO: Brian DeMers

Contact Information: info@show-n-tell.us / TEL: 080 5174 7464


社名: 合同会社Show-N-Tell.Us

所在地: 150-0001 東京都 渋谷区神宮前4丁目1番24号 オフィスイワタ第一2F

CEO/CVO: スティブンス ソネス

CEO/CCO: デマーズ ブライアン

お問い合わせ先: メール: info@show-n-tell.us / TEL: 080 5174 7464