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Soness is a fountain of creativity and problem-solving ideas. When we needed an activity to compliment our lecture and “tie everything in” to our purpose and the goals of the audience, Soness had the perfect idea. The materials were easy to find and cheap, setup was a cinch, and she helped us determine the timing of when to use the group activity. It worked perfectly! The cost and time were so little compared to how powerful, effective and fun the activity really was!

Rebecca Irby – Filmmaker, Activist, Thatdayfilm.com

I knew that at some point in the future I wanted to do a speech to my peers on how broken and wrong marketing is in the fitness industry. But who on earth do I talk to? After a 90 minute convo with Soness I realised not only did I HAVE to give this speech but that the people I wanted to get the message to were actually easier to get in front of than I thought. She’s shown me what the first step is and now I have a plan of how to get my first gig. Thanks Soness!

tomas mach cropped

Talking to Soness at the dinner prior to the event was so much fun I didn’t even realize she was actually working:-) Asking questions, making notes, she did her best to understand who was the person standing in front of her. Who was the person she was going to introduce the next day. What were the characteristic outlines that might make the audience attracted to. And I’d talk and talk about my life as if we were old friends who haven’t seen each other for a very long time.

Whatever technique Soness uses, whether it’s conscious and carefully thought out or unconscious talent, I think her dedication is the key. When Soness talked to me I had a feeling that there was no one around, no one more important to her but me. Her curiousness and enthusiasm made me open my heart and let her in.

Tomas Mach – Violinist
Vanessa Bork

Soness blows my mind! In just one session she managed to open my eyes to a greater understanding of limiting beliefs and crack me open to new possibilities for my future as a speaker. Her sweet and effervescent personality made the time fly by as though I were just chatting with my best friend. An absolute pleasure and inspiration! If you’re not working with Soness yet, you’re missing out.


Vanessa Bork- Life Coach
Adam Kapusta

…a woman who knows it all about public speaking, presenting to large audiences, stepping in front of crowds and inspiring them to listen from the moment she shows up at stage. But…she is not a typical speaker, she’s a coach as well. She helps people like me, to overcome their doubts and reservations regarding the stage, the mission of speaking. She breaks it all down by asking proper questions, by not only listening, but hearing in first place. She draws quick and ready to use conclusions for clients like me. My doubts – we had a chat today – became my strengths. My fears became my additional powers. How does she do it? I personally found that it’s a mixture of many: Soness is so authentic, with her personal story, with inspiration she gives, with the creative support embedded in her questions. I just talked with her today for a full, 2 hour long meeting and was rewarded with conclusions I’d normally get in 6 months coaching sessions.

Adam Kapusta
Cesar Harada

I have been teaching for years and giving talks professionally and internationally for 5 years now. I had many coaches. Without hesitation Soness has been the sharpest, high-energy, positive and articulate coach I’ve ever had. If I have a big talk coming, I really consider working with her again.

After our discussion, I explained her my challenges. She made a dozen introductions to her network and I think she’s on the way to find me a boat and a wife. Yes, read again. A boat and a wife. Thanks Soness. What?!!!

Cesar Harada – Inventor, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur

When Soness spoke at the For Empowering Women in Japan (FEW) monthly meeting, she brought her natural enthusiasm, charisma, and motivation to support our group. The event had one of the largest turnouts in recent memory. I still remember her asking everyone to look under their chair, find a piece of chalk, and write their intention for the evening on the bottom of their shoes. This unconventional way of taking people outside of their comfort zones and literally asking them to step into their desires is something that Soness uniquely brings to her presentations. She is one of those people who seems to have unlocked the ability to combine a childlike-curiosity about the world with a sophisticated, professional and action-oriented mindset spurring people to move forward with tangible steps.

Christina Hanazawa-Gallagher – Programs Director, FEW

I just want to say thank you Soness for the wonderful work you do helping speakers to hug up to their message and the tools you share that help people express this in a way that truly impacts on peoples lives. The difference i found with your work is you truly listen and have this unique way to bring lightness and fun into the session that brings the best out in people. When i came into the session i was a little confused with the next step to take with my speaking and now i have the clarity and confidence to take this message to these future events and to create more of a on-line impactful service. Thanks again Soness! keep inspiring!

Trey Williams – MyHealthYoga.com

The FUN-damentals course moves quickly and the information is sound. I immediately shared it with my client.


Chris Lamatsch – Executive Leadership Coach
Mari Conner

I get “stage fright” easily. This video [course] provided me with easy tips to help reduce my panic. “Working the room” worked like a charm! :) This came in very handy…the DAY OF my speech! I wasn’t planning on spending a lot of time rehearsing prior to my speech. I was going to run through it once, and that was it. However, by setting the time aside to work through my speech several times, the more relaxed I was with the material. It also showed me where I was getting off-track, and I was able to correct those sections before I was in front of an audience…

This [course] really helped “set the stage” for the content I chose to use in my speech. Without it, I would not have included information which addressed all four of the audience’s learning styles. I believe this made a HUGE difference in the effectiveness of my speech.”


Mari Connor – Marigold Marketing Group