What is technology without heart? Just an interface.


Do you want your customers to be hooked?
Invested in your creation?
Raving about it to everyone they know?

Your technology needs unprompted engagement. Your technology needs HeartWare.

Yes, a lot of businesses can bring in consumers from advertising or email— but not tech products.


You need the 4 basic elements of Nir Eyar’s “hooked” model:

    1. Trigger—what draws them in?
    2. Action—What is the action they are interested in?
    3. Variable reward—What do they get out of it?
    4. Investment—What do they need to put into it?

With tech, that trigger is emotion and the investment is heart.

Your technology must hook with heart.

How do you bring in that element?

It’s true, most designers and programmers are great at creating interfaces and replicating life. Show-N-Tell.Us gets curious about the motivation. Why do people do what they do? Why does your robot, your hardware, do what it does and how can it connect better?

If you are focused on functionality, you are hooking 40% of consumers. If you add the emotional engagement, you’ll capture 60% more hearts.

We work with the technology that your customer needs, but hasn’t quite connected with yet.

How can we connect better?

Let’s take Siri for a case model.
Do you use Siri daily? Maybe for basic phone functions like calling or texting. But there’s some reason why surveys about Siri usage state 87% of iPhone users use it once per month. Shouldn’t that be daily? With a 55% satisfaction rate. That’s quite low for the most popular smartphone in the world. On the remote chance of voice controls for Apple-branded TV sets, less than 37% of responders would use such a service.

What’s missing?

Heart-ful connection.
Working with SoftBank and Aldebaran Robotics on Pepper the robot, we created an emotional engagement factor.

  • Engaging interfaces
  • Create rapport through animation, movements, and language
  • Customized dialogue with your own personal Manga Character Bible
  • Tapping into 52% of consumers—women—because a pink pen and a female character isn’t the sales point.
  • Make your technology more user-friendly for ageing markets, dyslexics ( who make up 35% of the US entrepreneurs), and kids
  • Give it the Anybody-Can-Use-It factor

Check out our latest project here.

Take a moment and consider:

    • What are you creating?
    • Who is your ideal user?
    • How can we support you in connecting?

We make your HeartWare for Hardware.
For a 20 minute connection session, simply enter your name, email, website, and what kind of technology you are ready to connect here.