Virtually Face-to-Face VIP Training Session


It’s time to put yourself in the best light.


Learn how professional video conferencing should be done:

  • Build trust with your clients
  • Use a webcam or DSLR camera to produce professional-quality media
  • Discover our secret techniques from over 20 years of TV & stage experience.

No one else out there is offering this unique training!


No matter where you are in the world, we will find a time to connect with you.

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Product Description

Soness has a message for you about Virtually Face-to-Face in the video above. You may also click here to read the video transcript.

Hi! I’m Soness from Show-N-Tell.Us, and it’s so exciting to connect with you face to face!


May I share a story about how I and millions of others dropped out?

I love to buy online courses. And I spend lots of money doing so. I cannot count how many courses my friends and I have started but did not finish — because the content was valuable but the delivery and production was so poor that we couldn’t get to the heart of the message.

Now, I know you. I know what you have to share is so valuable to the world. And your message needs to get out there. Now!

The big question is: How can you create that same atmosphere of connection in your business?

We’ll show you how.

Virtually Face-to-Face is our online training where you learn the foundations of video production. And you can apply the techniques immediately–even during the training!

+ Create a premium brand with every webinar, Google Hangout, and coaching call.

+ Understand the fundamentals of framing, lighting and sound to create videos that look and feel professional–including your casual coaching calls!

+ Increase your premium brand value by delivering that same virtually face-to-face connection with your clients on a regular basis

+ Know what you’re overlooking in your video meeting and why you need to fix it!

+ Understand why you look terrible on camera and how to fix it in just one second!

So join us now! Follow the instructions below, reserve your spot and check your email inbox for some special treats!

I cannot wait to connect with you Virtually Face-to-Face!

Shine on!

Soness Stevens

CEO / Chief Vision Officer



Video-conferencing is essential for today’s global business.

So are webinars and making online videos.


It’s about time somebody called on us for expert training and advice. 


Join this private Show-N-Tell training

where we’ll share some of the tips and secrets

we learned from over 20 years of TV & stage experience.


We’ll show you simple, powerful techniques

guaranteed to make your virtual connection feel like you are speaking face-to-face.


During this live online training, you will…

+ Fix the most overlooked issue in video meetings

+ Connect more naturally with your audience using the 3 elements of communication

+ Find the perfect angle to look GREAT on camera

+ Reinforce your image and brand with a wall of support

+ …and much more!

On the road

Get rid of your worries about looking and sounding professional on camera

so you can focus on delivering your message.



Say a warm hello to:

+ Making your clients feel special (just like when you’re in a real face-to-face conversation with them!)

+ Awesome video presence, just like being on an episode of Oprah on TV

+ Audio so crystal clear, you can hear a pin drop

+ Implementing the wonders of Feng Shui staging

+ Impressing whomever you’re meeting with subconsciously

+ Being confident and comfortable on camera

+ Increasing your brand value and trust


Say good riddance to:

– Bad framing and cluttered backgrounds

– Poor lighting, making you look like a zombie

– Unprofessional audio and sound quality

– Negative, disheartening first impressions


To reserve your seat, all you need to do is click “Add to Cart,”

follow the instructions and get ready to CONNECT!


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Pinky swear: If you don’t feel more confident about video conferencing after this workshop, we will give you your money back.


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