are you authentic to you

Why is it important to connect authentically?

If you think being vibrant and fun will connect you with your audience, you are wrong. I often hear people asking how to get that subtle “connection” with their target market. And they get an equally bouncy responses of “Channel your inner cheerleader!” “Be fun!” Boy, do they not know that method will not create any impact or movement […]

Why Periscope is Perfect for Introverts

Why is Periscope Perfect for Introverts?

Since launching my Periscope series, I’ve doubled my Twitter followers. As an introvert, mixed ambivert myself, I can say that Periscope is perfect for introverts. According to an ODM Group consumer study, 74% of consumers are influenced by social media. On Twitter, 53% of consumers tweet or recommend products, and 48% of them follow through. […]

believe what you want them to believe

How to Make Your Audience Believe What You Want Them to Believe

You can stand up on stage and say whatever you want. And the audience will say, “That’s the truth I wanna believe.”   “Maybe she’s right.  Maybe I’ve had it wrong all of these years,” Mitsue and I were strategizing her English Learning video course creation and she was beginning to doubt her message because someone else […]

Are you Sabotaging your Video Conferences

Is Video Conferencing Sabotaging Your Business?

  Have you ever been on a conference call or engaged with a client via Google Hangouts? If you have, you know how video conferencing can save so much time, money and transportation costs! We’re so much more productive now, thanks to video meetings! But video conferencing has its disadvantages too. Do you know if video […]


To Boldly Go at TEDxKyoto

Would you like to listen to stories of courage in spite of being different? I boldly went to the TEDxKyoto special event featuring Patrick Linehan and George Takei last June 4th, 2014, and WOW, their stories of courage were so inspiring. Watch the video to hear more!

Influence your Audience Effectively with John Alvarado

Influence Your Audience Effectively

How do you influence your audience completely without being pushy? (Even if you’re naturally stage-shy?) John Alvarado, director of Reflect Ministries, has spoken all over the world and knows firsthand the secrets to inspiring an audience. He admits to not being a natural communicator, and yet he’s been on stage so many times, talking to […]

megumi nishikura ted talk

Megumi Nishikura: Explorations Into Being Hafu

TEDxKyoto 2013 talks are online! Gotta check them out! Today we’ll feature… Megumi Nishikura’s message of uniqueness resonated throughout the hall and online. During the breaks, people were running up to her and I see so many of the participants are now involved in the movement of the “Hafu” film There are worldwide screenings […]

Fed Up With Feedback

Fed Up with Feedback?

Have you ever gotten poor feedback? I know, I have quite a few times. I’ve also received awesomely motivating feedback in a positive way (Brian is one prime example). Funny thing is, I keep hearing from so many people who complain they aren’t getting useful feedback, but rather overly harsh criticism from their bosses, colleagues, […]